Rhythm - My Jam - Rosewood

Rhythm. My Jam - Rosewood

From Fallen Front
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Size  - Medium    Chest  - 42 cm    Waist  32 inch   Height  6'2
Rhythm brings together a unique group of individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love. Drawing on influences from art, music and surf from the past, present and looking toward the future. Rhythm speaks to the creative self-expressionists who yearn for new frontiers off the well-worn path. Their collections are inspired by the classic surfing gentleman and the inspiring journeys of the early 60's, chasing the endless summer and exploring the coastline with the crew. Offering the best new fits and fabrications for practicality and originality. Rhythm is the sound of change. Buy Rhythm clothing online at FallenFront with free overnight shipping within New Zealand.

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