Patricks  Matte Finish Pomade M3 Strong Hold

Patricks Matte Finish Pomade M3 Strong Hold

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M1 Light Hold

Designed to tame and sculpt short to medium-length fine hair, Patricks' M1 Matte Finish Light Hold pomade was market-tested on thousands of clients until it was perfected. The result is a UV-resistant formula, enriched with saw palmetto, red clover, sage and peptides to fortify and nourish the hair and scalp. 

M2 Medium Hold

Mould and tame thick hair with Patricks' M2 pomade. The UV-resistant product is formulated with red clover, sage and saw palmetto to nourish the hair and scalp thereby minimising hair loss. We especially like the subtle sandalwood scent and ultra-matte finish.

M3 Strong Hold

Look no further to tame thick, coarse hair - Patricks' M3 Matte Finish Strong Hold pomade is designed for exactly that. This labdanum and patchouli-scented formula is engineered for performance and longevity; it rebuffs sweat during regular exercise and is actually water-resistant up to 300m/ 1000ft. Let the nourishing and protective combination of saw palmetto, red clover, sage and peptides fortify and protect your hair as you wear it. It's the ultimate style-and-go product.
*Benefits* M1 Light Hold

* Suitable for short to medium length fine hair

* Ultra-matte finish with a light, remoldable hold
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