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Composition:39% Pure Australian Merino,45% Nylon, 16% Spandex(Inner face of garment is 100% Merino)18.8 micron200gsm double jersey Features:• WildernessWool™• Athletic fit• Gusset panels to assist in maintaining positive circulation• Double sewn flat seams• Elasticised waist Made in Australia REVIEW: Long Reef SLSC – Surf boat crew members. George Bass Surf Boat Marathon 2016. 5 Stars: What I hate about compression is that it's often too restrictive for free and efficient movement when exercising. I also feel like I'm wearing a very clingy plastic bag, that doesn't keep you warm when wet, and quickly becomes stinky and I just need to get it off! HOWEVER my Wilderness Wear 200% Australian owned woollen compression thermal is unbelievably awesome! It's snug, and keeps me warm when in and out of water, no seams that chafe under the arms. Whilst rowing the George Bass Surf Boat Marathon in the heat of January, along the south coast of NSW, I would spend several hours every day in and out the water, either rowing or sitting immobile in the support boat. Going from icey cold water to hard exercise in the heat, to sitting damp and still in a windy support boat. I never wanted to take it off. After 7 days with only a daily rinse, it didn't stink! Click here to see images and footage of our WW thermals in action 
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