Van Heusen

At Van Heusen, we believe that clothes make the man. We are the number-one selling business shirt brand in department stores across Australia and Van Heusen has been associated with stylish, high quality shirts since the introduction of the revolutionary patented soft-folding collar in 1921. The Van Heusen brand is not only fashionable, but operates ethically too. Linked to the international human rights movement, all factories manufacturing any of our products must comply with a strict code of audited conditions. These encompass amongst other issues, minimum wages, hours of work, freedom of association, non-discrimination, no forced or child labour, health and safety standards plus environmental conditions. So you look good and feel good too.
Van Heusen (476)
Van Heusen Suit Jackets Slim Fit Suit Jacket Navy 88 To 116
Van Heusen Suit Jackets Euro Tailored Fit Suit Jacket Black 96 To 128
Van Heusen Mens Ties Mens Euro Tie Solid Black Black One
Van Heusen Euro Tailored Fit Shirt Navy With White Spec Design
Van Heusen Business Trousers Euro Tailored Fit Business Trousers Nailhead
Van Heusen Suit Jackets Super Slim Fit Suit Jacket Blue Blue 88 To 100
Van Heusen Casual Pants Euro Tailored Fit Chino Light Colour Blue 77
Van Heusen Business Trousers Slim Fit Business Trousers  Plain
Van Heusen Business Shirts Euro Tailored Fit Shirt Blue Black Large Check
Van Heusen Casual Jackets Casual Blazer Black Texture Black 92 To 116
Van Heusen Business Shirts Euro Tailored Fit Shirt Cross Print Navy 41 To 50
Van Heusen Mens Belts Mens Belt Black With Silver Detailed Belt Buckle
Van Heusen Suit Pants Super Slim Suit Pants Navy Cross Check Ink 84 To 88
Van Heusen Suit Pants Euro Tailored Fit Suit Pants Black Black 104